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IGN "Goama", 8th issue

Dear friends!
We are glad to present you the 8th issue of the “Goama” newsletter, including:
1. An interview with Choi Chelhan, 9-dan (part 1)
2. Commented game from the Russian Konishi cup, A.Dinerchtein vs Ilya Shikshin (at the attachment, sgf format)


Choi Chelhan’s interview after he won 2004 Kuksu title (first part)

I remember the second LG cup. The opening ceremony was unusual. After introducing the players and declaring the results of the draw, the organizers announced an extra exhibition game between Cho Hunhyun and Choi Chelhan, a promising player who had just been promoted to 1-dan. That’s how we first found out about him.

- Glad to see you. Do you remember this moment?
- Yes, of course. I’ve just become professional player then and was very nervous.
- You got two handicap stones, didn’t you?
- No, because I was a professional also. There was no komi, as far as I remember. I lost but don’t remember by how many points.
- Let’s start. When did you learn about Go?
- I was 7 years old. At this age I was attending Kwon’s school (Kwon Gwangmyung, 7 dan, has the strongest school in Korea, comment by A.Dinerchtein)
- Does that mean that you were able to play Go at age 7?
- No, I was learning from the very beginning, from building two eyes. I learned everything in Kwon’s school.
- Does Kwon’s school accept kids who don’t know how to play at all?
- Yes, the school has a small beginners group, where I started out myself. I stayed at the school for all of my training. You want to know something interesting? The teacher that introduced me to the rules of Go - Park Sangsu received 1-dan during the same year as I did, in 1997.
- Lee Sedol, 9 dan, your clubmate, became a professional two years before you. From what I’ve heard, you and Lee shared many interesting moments. Apparently, you would even cry after losing a game to Lee.
- No, not at all! Back then Lee was much stronger than me. We didn’t even get to play that often. After Lee became 1-dan, I got more chances to play him. But even then we were playing with a one stone handicap.
- So you did not cry?
- Hmm… Don’t remember. And generally even now, whenever I lose a game, I feel like crying. Especially when I losing a game in which I had an advantage.

To be continued …


Results of the 9th Russian Konishi cup (May, 26-28):
1. A.Dinerchtein, 1-dan pro
2. Ilya Shikshin, 6-dan
3. Lee Hyuk, 7-dan
4. Dmitrij Surin, 6-dan
5. Andrey Kulkov, 6-dan

Goama quiz winners and reserve players, please confirm your desire to take part in simultaneous game with A.Dinerchtein (breakfast), 1-dan professional on KGS on June 3 (Saturday), 3 PM GMT. Here is the list of registered players:
1. Martin Borjesson (Sweden) “bluesmurf”, 4 stones
2. Benjamin Gigot (Belgium) - “Beren” , 5 stones
3. Steve Kroon (South Africa), “thekro”, 7 stones
4. Frederik Spanhoff (Holland), “MPU”, 3 stones
5. Paul Halpern (USA) – “GoGat”, 4 stones


Enjoy the newsletter!
The IGN “Goama” editor’s team

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